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RMPA Reunion EastBourne 2007
Ex WO1 John O'Donnell, Brig Colin Findlay Serving Provost Marshall (Army)
As a Footnote it must be added that John Served with Colin in the London District as the RSM  when Colin was his Captain at the time
Regimental Matters
The strength of the RMP Regimental Identity was emphasised in a very personal way for me at the excellent RMP Annual Reunion at Eastbourne in May this year when I had the great pleasure to meet WO1 (RSM) John O'Donnell again for the first time since we served together in 1980 at London District Provost Company RMP. He was the first RSM I had the privilege to work with as a young Captain transferee and was a significant benchmark for my early years in the RMP. He was a key contributor to early CP ops in NI, and with WO2(CSM) Cumbers, a well known and respected figure on Horse Guards Parade. Following the protracted talks at Lancaster House throughout 1979, the security for which was provided by RMP, Mr O'Donnell commanding the CP and Security Team for Lord Soames as Governor of Rhodesia and at his specific direction was given the honour of lowering the Union Flag for the last time at the independence celebrations of the new Zimbabwe.

RMPA Reunion Derby 2008
All Old RMP Members
You will all recall during the dark hours at the D&TE RMP Woking the voice and figure of the old RSM Mr Mullinder
- he is still alive and well at 93 and had to be lifted to his feet for the Loyal toast, but other than that he is well.
I had the privilege of sitting next to him at the last RMPA dinner night at Derby in 2008.
A lovely man and still deeply respected by those who know him........